This module allows the storage and the sharing of files between the members of your space.
  • Files are classified in a folder tree, just like on your own computer.
  • Images are displayed via a viewer and videos via an integrated player.
  • Large files (up to 500MB) can be shared simply and quickly.
  • Each file can be historized to keep older versions.
Each space has a shared calendar and each user has a personal calendar.
  • Events can be integrated simultaneously with one or more calendars.
  • Each calendar can be exported in Ical format or integrated into an external calendar via a specific web address.
  • Shared calendars can be created to manage the reservation of rooms, vehicles, various equipments, etc.
  • Several calendars can be displayed simultaneously, for example to know the availability of each user before setting a meeting.
  • Files can be attached to each event, for example to add the details of a meeting.
Make video calls from your space.
  • Videoconferences are launched from the instant messaging module.
  • Share your screen during a video call.
  • There is no participant limit for each videoconferences.
  • Calls are fully encrypted, for full confidentiality and security.
  • The application is based on the free Jitsi-meet software.
This module displays the latest news for your team : it can be used like a billboard.
  • The text editor allows an elaborate layout of your news, with the integration of images or videos (YouTube, .avi, etc.).
  • This module also displays the last elements of your space: new files, events, forum posts, etc.
A survey tool is also included in the News module: it allows to know the opinion of the members of your community!
  • Each poll can be posted directly alongside the news.
  • Survey questions can be enhanced with a file: image, pdf, etc.
  • The votes of each poll are anonymized: only the results of the votes are displayed.
Instant messaging allows live chat with members of your space who are connected at the same time as you.
  • This tool is activated as soon as you connect to your space: it displays the list of people connected simultaneously.
  • Instant messaging allows multiple chats with members of your space.
The forum is a space for discussion between the members of your space: it simplifies and speeds up conversations, and thus avoids disorganized email exchanges.
  • Topics can be grouped by theme for more readability.
  • The text editor allows an elaborate layout of your messages, with the integration of images or videos (YouTube, .avi, etc).
  • You can subscribe to a subject: to be notified by email with each new message.
  • Files can be attached to each message to illustrate your discussions.
This module allows you to organize and share tasks with members of your space: it helps teams to organize around a common project.
  • The tasks can be displayed on a ''timeline'', so to know the progress in the time of a project. This view is similar to a simplified Gantt chart.
  • Each task can have a start and end date, a priority, a percentage of completion, and a list of people in charge of the task.
This module will allow you to exchange contacts with the members of your space: whether it is people, companies, associations, etc.
  • Contacts with an address can be displayed via a Google Maps or OpenStreetMap.
  • A contact import/export tool is available (in .csv format) to facilitate the management of your contacts.
  • Files can be attached to each contact: photos, description, etc.
This module allows the archiving and sharing of Internet addresses (Bookmarks).
  • The addresses you visit regularly will be accessible everywhere and all the time to the members of your space.
  • Files can be attached to your addresses : pdf, description, etc.
This module allows you to send information emails to the members of your space and/or directory contacts.
  • The text editor allows an elaborate layout of your emails and files can be attached to each newsletter.
Hosted in Europe
The data entrusted to us is stored on our servers located in France in the data centers of the European leader OVH
Mobile & Tablet Applications
Omnispace is accessible from your computer or mobile via the Android, IOS or Ipad application. So you always stay in touch with your team.
Your datas are secure
Access to your space is secure and encrypted via the SSL protocol. Your datas are saved daily on our remote servers.
Confidentiality & GDPR
In compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations, Omnispace undertakes not to transmit the data entrusted to it to third parties, thereby not being the subject of any commercial exploitation.
Simple, complete and always accessible!
Omnispace is easy, complete and quick to implement. Your space is also accessible everywhere and all the time from the Internet. Omnispace is translated into Francais English Español
An evolving space adapted to your needs
Just increase the size of your space for more users or storage space. The software is also updated regularly and automatically to provide more functionality and efficiency.
Sharing large files
Simply share your large files (up to 500MB), which you usually can't exchange by email (often limited to 25MB).
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