Number max of users
4 users
20 users
50 users
100 users
Unlimited !
Unlimited !
Disk Space
500 Mb
About 488 photos HD
2 Gb
About 2,000 photos HD
5 Gb
About 5,000 photos HD
10 Gb
About 10,000 photos HD
40 Gb
About 40,000 photos HD
200 Gb
About 200,000 photos HD
Annual Subscription
free !
39 €/year
1,95 € per user and per year
69 €/year
1,38 € per user and per year
129 €/year
1,29 € per user and per year
299 €/year
0,3 € per user and per year
599 €/year
0,6 € per user and per year
Regular updates
Videoconference module
Apps Android/Iphone
daily backup
Add big files
SSL encrypted connection
Procedure to pay by check or bank transfer
  1. Create a space and select your offer
  2. Click on 'Order form', download and print it
  3. Send the order form (completed and signed) to the address, in which case with a check made payable to ''Omnispace''.
  4. Upon receipt of the order, the space is switched to the offer and the service is activated. Therefore, a message is sent to the email address of your Omnispace account : with your bill and a bank notes identity (for administrative mandate).
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